It is a well-known fact that the sun is harmful to our skin, but not many people realize the same is true for our hair. Summer can cause your hair to become dry, stiff and brittle, but certain preventative measures will protect your hair and allow it to remain healthy despite the harmful effects of the sun.

5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Safe from the Summer Sun:

Avoid colouring your hair

The sun will cause your hair to dry out to some extent, but colouring your hair will increase the chances of damage and will result in significant changes caused by the effects of heat. For these reasons, it is important that you avoid chemical hair treatments as much as you can, both at the salon and at home. If you know that you’re going to want to change your hair colour closer to summer, do it a month or two before so that your hair does not suffer.

Make sure you use a conditioner

This will help restore some natural moisture and will bring life into your hair. Make sure you use one that suits your hair type and texture as it will be more effective in protecting your hair from drying out. It is always a good idea to put on a leave-in conditioner whenever you go for a swim, as this will serve as additional protection.

Do not shampoo your hair every day

Too much shampoo will damage your hair because it will dry out your scalp and hair even more, especially when combined with the effects of the sun. Whenever you do wash your hair, shampoo only your scalp because the suds will rinse down as you wash your hair and will clean it in the process. Shampooing your hair strands is unnecessary as it will dry it out, so stick to shampooing only your scalp.

Avoid using styling tools

Try to let your hair air-dry as much as possible during the summer because this will help your hair remain healthy. Do not use the blow-dryer, curlers or your styling iron as this can cause damage, and enjoy your natural hair instead.

Trim your hair regularly

The tips of your hair will become damaged throughout the year but more so during the summer, so it is important that you trim your hair to eliminate split ends and dry tips. If you’ve always wanted to try a new haircut, this is the perfect season but if you like the length of your hair, a trim is a must to take care of the ends and restore life.

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