If you’re after a new haircut, consider the shape of your face because certain styles are more flattering for specific face shapes and knowing which cut to get will ensure you love your new appearance. A fresh haircut will make you feel young, and change is always good because your look will be up-to-date. Texture and thickness are very important, but the shape of your face has to be considered as well.

If you’re not sure about which haircut is best, the following guide will outline the right haircuts for different face shapes:


An oval-shaped face will have no prominent points or angles, and the length will be longer than the width. If you fall into this category, there are a number of different haircuts and styles you can consider because an oval shape is proportionate and will provide you with a good balance. In fact, most hairstyles will work well with this face shape, but a blunt bob or a shoulder-length cut are best, and the addition of layers is also great because this would add volume to your hair.


A square-shaped face is wide, and the forehead, jawline and cheekbones are generally the same width. Most people who have a square shaped face will have a strong jawline, which will be a prominent feature, and blunt bangs are best because this will accentuate the jawline. A short bob would look great as well and if you want to soften your look, consider wispy bangs that fall to the side of your face.


A heart-shaped face will be wider at the hairline and temples and will taper to a narrow chin. Your forehead will likely be your prominent feature, and your cheekbones will also be great, so a long bob that goes past your shoulders would be best as this will accentuate your tapered face or will help balance it out. A long cut with a deep side part or a side-parted pixie cut would also look great because these styles would allow you to show off your prominent features.


Those with round faces may not have any prominent angles, and their face will be the same in width and length. This shape generally makes a person look younger, so you can have fun with different hairstyles and can experiment with a long layered cut, a lob, a pixie cut or even short side bangs. These cuts are ideal because they will add angles and will elongate your face.

If you’re ready for a change, the experts at A&O Salons will give you a fresh cut and will help you achieve the appearance you’re after. Our stylists know which haircuts are best and will provide you with a professional recommendation, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!