In order to maintain your healthy hair, you need to get it cut regularly but most people are unaware of how often this should be done.

If you notice more frizz or breakage or see that you have a high number of split ends, it is definitely time for a haircut, although every sign will not be as obvious as these. Ultimately, the answer will depend on the damage and health of your hair, so in addition to split ends, you need to pay attention to the texture of your hair as well, as this, too, will indicate whether or not it is time for a haircut. Damaged strands and dry ends will cause your hair to become brittle because it will reduce moisture and elasticity, both of which are required for healthy hair. Hairstyling tools and chemical dyes can also cause damage, so you need to be mindful of these aspects and pay extra attention to your hair if you use these products.

In addition to damage and the health of your hair, you also need to consider the hairstyle that you have as this will help indicate how often you should cut your hair. Generally, it is recommended that you cut your hair every eight to 12 weeks as this would allow you to maintain healthy hair and you will be able to style it to your liking as a result. This is a general rule and can be different for everyone, depending on their hairstyle and hair type.


How often should you cut hair to maintain a short hairstyle?


If you like blunt bangs, you would have to get a haircut every other week to maintain the perfect length. This may sound extreme, but it is necessary if you are a fan of bangs. You can base the frequency of your cuts on how fast your hair grows and over time, you may be able to cut your bangs on your own with enough practice. Those who have naturally curly or wavy hair should go for a cut every six to 12 weeks if no color or chemical treatments are involved. If you have tight curls, you can stretch out the timeline even more so long as you keep your hair moisturized. Textured hair is naturally on the drier side, so moisture is very important.

Pixie cuts are very popular right now, and this type of hairstyle looks different for everyone because it is related to the shape of your face. Growth will take away from this hairstyle, so you need to make sure you go for cuts regularly to maintain your stylish cut. Getting a haircut every three to seven weeks should do the trick because there is maintenance involved, and you need to be committed in order to keep the length you want.

These are only a few recommendations we had in mind while writing this blog, but our professionals at A&O Salons can go through a few options that may work best for you. A&O Salons will help you maintain your healthy and beautiful hair and our stylists will ensure you love your haircut every time. If you are looking for a professional hair salon that provides women’s and men’s haircuts in the Newport Beach area and want a hairdresser you can trust, give us a call now!