Recently, a new trend in hair colour is face-framing highlights. A call back to the ‘90s and made popular by such icons as the Spice Girls, these are bold and unsubtle looks. They’re considered a nod to ‘90s feminism with their strong and dramatic looks; while they’re most often bleach blonde, they can be virtually any colour you want.

Here are a few of the more common face-framing highlight subsets.

High Contrast Bleach Blonde

Created by NYC colourist Elizabeth Hiserodt via a retro bleach-and-foil dye job, this provides a contrast between the blonde chunkiness versus the darker roots.

Bold Colours

In contrast, face framing highlights can work well whatever the colour. From thick pink from stylist Harriett Muldoon to more adventurous teal blues of Hannah Yoo and high-contrast pinks of Justine Bianca, no matter the hair colour there’s a dye colour for you.

Subtle Streaks

For something quieter, the subtle streak style created by stylist Andrew Fitzsimmons is reminiscent of the ‘90s and early 2000s. Subtly contrasting blondes or dark colours look great no matter the length or hairstyle.

‘90s Nostalgia

An even greater callback to the defining era, this subset has been seen on such influencers as JLo and Chic Ama. The style that kicked off the trend, these highlights can freshen up any hairstyle, regardless of the dye job and can make a statement.

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